Roll on September September 01 2015, 0 Comments


For most of us, September brings to mind the end of summer, back-to-school, cool autumn temperatures slowly creeping into our days, trees turning orange and shedding their leaves marking the harvest season. Of course, let us not forget, September is also the most important month in fashion!

But, to me, September is special because I celebrate my birthday. From my earliest childhood memories, September rhymes with the anticipation of planning my party, having my closest friends round for some fun, games and lots and lots of cake and sweets! When I got slightly too old for balloons, fairy cakes and pass-the-parcel, I was lucky enough to have children whose birthday parties I could plan. The planning is so much fun! Okay, the aftermath isn’t, and trying to control kids on a sugar rush is definitely high on the list of parenting challenges. So, in my humble opinion, our latest photo shoot was a genius idea – I got to plan the birthday set, pick the snacks, sweets and cakes without having to deal with twenty-plus screaming kids or show them how to pin the tail on the donkey. Instead, the whole Owen&Savary team got to feast on bowls of m&m’s, cupcakes and mouth-watering patisseries.
Cherry on the cake, if you ask me!